Metronome™ is a collection of tables built on a structural system that is sculptural, stable and capable of a broad range of application requirements. From small meeting tables and individual desks to large scale boardroom tables, Metronome™ is a systems driven table collection that easily responds to any working environment.

The name Metronome™ comes from the idea of keeping time and keeping pace with what’s going on in the working environment. Whether it is training or boardroom tables, small meeting tables and partners desks, the system shares components at every level allowing not only the creation of these varied applications but also a very high degree of reconfigurability allowing an organization to move and evolve without rendering the furniture obsolete.

The frame is inspired by the sculptural results of natural structural forms often found in large buildings, where form is defined by requirements of mass and gravity combining to create balanced and beautiful structures. This approach gives the table its visual and structural character. The creation of intelligent connectors linking tubes achieves this end in a very efficient way. Aluminum is the only material used in the frame ensuring a high degree of recycled content, and a complete opportunity for full recyclability for all elements.

Metronome™ includes multiple table options that also integrates flexible power, data and video connectivity. Table tops are available in wood veneer, laminate, or glass. The table legs are clear anodized aluminum with polished aluminum details at the top and bottom or fully polished aluminum. Innovative elements and materials impart a lighter scale and a clean modern design aesthetic.

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Downloadable Resources
Facet Edge - 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - 1" & 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - Multi Purpose - P Lam with Translucent Edges - 1.25" Thick
Taper Edge 16 deg - 1.25" Thick
Red Dot Award
The Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award
IIDEX/NeoCon Silver Award
Metronome Conference Table, Fig40
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