Terms and Conditions of Sale

All prices are list prices, FOB our factory in Toronto. Brokerage is paid by Nienkämper for product shipped to the United States. In the event of conditions in regard to cost of labor and materials, we reserve the right to change prices without notice. In the event of a pricing discrepancy, prices published on www.nienkamper.com shall apply.
TermsNet 30 days from date of invoice to accredited buyers. Two per cent (2%) interest charged monthly on overdue accounts. Deposit of 50% is required with order. Terms will be established upon credit evaluation. Due to delays in processing references, first orders may be treated as C.B.D. orders.

Order Confirmation
Orders are accepted upon issuance of our order confirmation andare subject to the terms set forth therein; notwithstanding any variance from the terms of the buyer's order form.

Nienkämper is not liable for any delay or failure to deliver caused by labor or transportation difficulties, accidents, acts of God, failure of sources of supply, or other causes beyond our control, and changes will affect the delivery date.

Change of Orders or Cancellation
Orders are accepted upon issuance of our order confirmation and are subject to the terms set forth therein; notwithstanding any variance from the terms of the buyer's order form.

Storage If goods cannot be accepted when ready, we may transfer them to storage (which is to be deemed as delivery for invoice purposes). The customer accepts risks and will be charged at prevailing rates.

Freight Freight charges are extra. Packing and/or crating are available if required, upcharges apply.

Claims All furniture is given to the carrier and signed for in good condition. It is the responsibility of the receiver to sign for the goods in the presence of the carrier and note the condition in which they are received. Freight claims should be filed with the carrier.

There are no express or implied warranties, conditions and obligations of the manufacturer, whether statutory or otherwise that extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Our furniture is made to the highest standard and is warranted free from defects of material and workmanship for five years of single shift usage from the date of delivery. During the warranty period we will repair or replace such merchandise as shall prove to be defective, during normal usage in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. The manufacturer shall not be liable for defect wholly attributable to normal manufacturing process. Replacement or repair of the Product shall be the sole remedy of the Customer, and the manufacturer shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or damage suffered by the Customer by reason of any defect in workmanship or manufacture of the Product or inability to use the Product. Moreover, this warranty does not cover accidental damage, abuse, alteration, ordinary wear and tear of Goods, negligence and misuse nor variations over which we have no control such as heat or humidity or damage to which the Goods are connected that is not attributable to the failure of the goods themselves. This warranty is null and void when the product is installed with hardware other than that supplied and/or when installed differently than recommended in the installation guide. Modification to the product or hardware may result in failure of the product and cause damage and/or injury.

Wood Finishes
Nienkämper offers a wide variety of standard light finishes on cherry, mahogany and figured anagre wood veneers, and a clear natural finish on figured anagre, figured sycamore, maple, bird's eye maple and curly maple.

Light finishes do not mask the grain and other characteristics of each wood species. It is important to understand that pieces of the same type of wood will not look identical when a light finish is used. The appearance of the finish will also depend on the natural colour of the veneer. Cherry darkens over time as the wood ages. Pin knots and gum pockets are inherent traits.

Wood is a naturally variable raw material; its variances are not within the furniture manufacturer's control and are therefore not considered defects under this warranty.

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