Care and Maintenance

Wood Surfaces
First dust with a clean, dry soft cloth to remove any foreign particles and dust present on the surface. Next, a slightly damp cloth should be used to clean the surface, followed by a dry soft cloth to remove the excess moisture. At no time should any abrasives ever be used in an effort to remove dirt etc., nor should any moisture be allowed to stand on wood surfaces. Furniture polishes are not recommended.

In addition to the above, consideration should be given to the humidity levels in your home and office environment where fine wood products are found. Keeping humidity at an even level as much as possible throughout the year will greatly extend the life of the natural wood products.
When cleaning Nienkämper leathers, use a soft clean damp cloth and a mild solution of non detergent soap, such as Ivory or Palmolive, to wash the item. The cloth must be damp, not dripping wet. Dry with a clean soft cloth, blotting any excess moisture away. Leave to dry naturally, do not use heat to dry the surface. A thorough cleaning with a fine leather milk product is recommended on an annual basis to add natural oils to the leather to keep it soft and supple.

In time all leather takes on a patina and spills generally blend into the leather giving a piece of furniture a personal character. Whenever a more serious accident occurs, please contact a leather care specialist.

Nienkämper is universally known for its exquisite craftsmanship in leather furniture. Nienkämper leather on Nienkämper furniture offers you and your clients the highest quality of materials as well as favorable pricing. Verde leather is available as COL sold to the nearest half hide. Grano leather is available for Nienkämper furniture only.
Engineered Caesar Stone
Daily Cleaning
For daily care, we recommend using mild, non-abrasive soaps and water. Dawn or 50/50 mix of Vinegar and water are great for daily cleanup.  

Disinfecting Counters
Lysol wipes, disinfectant spray, and rubbing alcohol 60% or greater can be used for disinfecting. Bleach must be diluted before using  

Other Stains
For harder to remove stains, we recommend using the Vim Cream or Bar Keepers Friend cleaner.Includes stains such as: food coloring, herbs and spices, red wine, mustard, coffee/tea, fruits, ink, markers, paint, print from supermarket bags, hair shampoo, medical creams, make-up, olive oil, canola oil, machine oils. Because of the abrasive nature of this cleaner, place a small amount on a damp paper towel or clean cloth. Using light pressure, wipe the area in a circular motion where the marks are, rinsing thoroughly with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. For more stubborn stains, allow the cleaner to sit on the surface no more than a minute and do not allow to dry. This is for special spot cleaning only. Do not use a scouring pad.
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