The outdoor strap chairs of the 1950’s and the indoor woven reed papasan chair popular in the 1970’s inspired Cocoon. There is even a nod to the Nelson coconut chair as the name suggests. With the advance in today’s mesh and knit back office chair solutions it seemed like a natural progression to use this technology in lounge seating. We took these very iconic chair archetypes of the past and updated it with a new manufacturing technique. The knit mesh provides not only comfort but also a light airy quality. The bent rod base adding even more so to the lightness of the chair. The chair is simple, light, transparent, and easily moved about.

Cocoon comes in 30 standard knit colors with custom colors. The seat can be upholstered in any COM and the base can be finished in all Nienkämper powder coat finishes.

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Cocoon, Lounge Seating, Mark Saffel & David Ritch
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