Shaker was born from the idea of creating a truly utilitarian table with a pure functional form. Available in standing and seated heights, and in a range of finishes and configurations,Shaker’s versatility makes it a proven office work horse for creative spaces, meeting rooms and breakout areas alike.

Shaker’s solid wood legs convey a sense of simplicity, all the while blending durability and stability with a robust sense of style. Without unnecessary details, Shaker table’s natural finishes bring a sense of warmth and informality to any office environment. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Shaker tables are available with the same flexible power data connectivity that has become a hallmark of Nienkämper conference tables.

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Self Edge - 1" & 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - Multi Purpose - P Lam with Translucent Edges - 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - P Lam Top & Edges - 1" Thick
Self Edge - P Lam Top & Edges - 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - Wood Grain Top & Translucent Silver Edges - 1" Thick
Self Edge - Wood Grain Top & Translucent White Edges - 1" Thick
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