Satori™ with Tablet

The Satori™ chair with tablet arm offers a space efficient design and comfort for all users. It is best used in lounge and conference spaces where informal meetings take place. The tablet arm provides an area for a laptop or note taking, encouraging interaction among users.

This chair offers a space-efficient design that retains a small footprint while providing generous interior dimensions, offering comfort for a wide range of body types. Most chairs of its type are simply lounge chairs with holes drilled into the arms to accept a tablet and a cup holder. Even when pushed away, the tablet still encroaches on the armrest. The Satori™ features an articulating tablet, mounted on an outboard base. The tablet swings clear of the armrest. It also moves in and out.

The Satori™ is available with a tablet arm, casters and handle for easy reconfiguration.

Mesh pocket for storage and interchangeable cup holder and tablet accommodates right and left handed users.

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