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Nomad® is an interactive workspace that is adaptive and flexible. Nomad® benching is capable of responding to the multiple needs of modern working environments. It facilitates the reconfiguring of space, adapts to new ways of working where work areas may be spontaneously re-zoned with the Nomad® mobile screens and table top dividers. Power and data flow within a moveable central channel that can easily be shared among users. Optional height adjustable surfaces provides great ergonomics whilst working and alternating postures throughout the day.

Nomad®’s mobile screens easily respond to the varying and changing needs of modern working environments. Featuring acoustical or upholstered panels that supports private work, collaborative work and conferencing, Nomad®’s mobile screens features a unique opening allowing the screens to nest into the table tops. Nomad® can support different accessories including integrated storage cabinets or TV’s and white boards which are a great solution for training areas or ad-hoc meeting spaces.

Designed in conjunction with Nomad mobile screens, Nomad® benching and conference tables feature sleek, linear lines in a fresh contemporary format. Nomad® benching and tables are available with flexible power, data and video connectivity.

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