Metronome™ Trestle

Metronome™ Trestle is a collection of less formal, typically standing height boardroom tables for meetings, collaborative work and use as a touchdown station. The design premise was to design a simple but beautiful product that combines the strength of a metal frame with the softness of a wooden leg. With expressive metal low bars, top in either wood veneer or plastic laminate, and a central wood chimney for tidy wire management, it’s an elegant and practical solution for a variety of office environments.

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Facet Edge - 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - 1" Thick
Self Edge - 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - Multi Purpose - P Lam with Translucent Edges - 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - P Lam Top & Edges - 1" Thick
Self Edge - Wood Grain Top & Translucent Silver Edges - 1" Thick
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