Isola 8

Building on the success of its previous collaborations with Karim Rashid, Nienkämper introduces Isola 8, the latest concept in lounge seating from the visionary designer of Wavelength®, Blob™and the Kloud® Collection.

Isola 8's name derives from the Italian word for "island" and the number of people that this compelling design accommodates. "The inspiration for my newest work with Nienkämper was to create an oasis from the static world, an island for eight that offers a myriad of seating solutions," says Karim Rashid. The swirling form, he adds, suggests not only an island but also the symbol for infinity.

Ideal for lobbies, lounges, libraries and a wide range of other public venues, Isola 8 combines great aesthetic possibilities with environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. Being able to specify contrasting upholstery for the seat and back affords designers virtually limitless opportunities for creative installations. And from a green standpoint, it's important to note that Isola 8 is constructed with FSC-certified laminated wood products and soy-based foam.

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