Vox® Tambour Workstation

Vox® Tambour Workstation can be customized to meet your needs, with various sizes, storage options, and finishes that allow for personalization and flexibility.

The design features concealed hardware, soft-close cabinets, and drawers for a clean, sophisticated look. The minimal floating shelves have integrated low-profile LED lighting. The Tambour-style accent panels add sophistication and are a key design feature, creating a solid visual identity. The newly added pullout cabinets feature a 3/4-length mirror, and ample space for personal items and storage, providing endless possibilities for discreet storage.

Vox® introduced a new eco-material, Eelgrass, to its workstations. This sustainable alternative to traditional acoustic panels is designed to create healthy and comfortable spaces while being environmentally friendly. Eelgrass products provide calm and comfortable indoor environments in harmony with nature. They achieve this by using organic and tactile surfaces.

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