Vox® Hex

Designed to provide enhanced privacy in an open office world, Vox® Hex is a refined workstation that looks and feels more like a private office. With its unique Hexagon shape, Vox® Hex makes the most efficient use of available floor space. Without compromising the open office/work community ideal, Vox® Hex provides delineation of space and can be grouped in a multitude of space-efficient configurations all whilst providing maximum privacy between users.

Privacy is an essential factor for all of us. Vox® Hex’s pull out cabinets provide storage to keep things neatly out of sight. When pulled out, the cabinet doubles as a pocket door, adding an extra element of privacy that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Vox® Hex can be customized to meet many needs, with a range of sizes and finishes that allow for personalization and flexibility. With built in personal storage and sit-stand capabilities, Vox® Hex is designed with the physical and functional requirements of today’s varied work styles in mind.

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