Vox® Mega FlipTop

The Vox® Mega FlipTop table is easy to move and reconfigure. The tables are ganged together to create an almost seamless conference table. To reconfigure the tables unlatch the table ganging brackets. The ganging brackets are always attached to the table and do not require tools to remove. To fold the table, pull the handles on the underside of the table top towards you; releases two latches that secure the top in place. The table comes equipped with a simple forum with your choice of power and AV options. The front panel on the bases easily removes to unplug the table from the floor monument. When in use the base sits flush. The base has 4 swivel casters which are lowered and raised by the push of a button on the side of the base. The 60” x 60” Vox® Mega Fliptable has a width of only 27” when folded and will fit though door ways.

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Nienkamper Vox Mega FlipTop
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