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With technology evolving at high speed, it's both liberating and reassuring to discover that one furniture collection has consistently kept pace. Vox® Conference tables were introduced in 1997 long before most manufacturers recognized the growing need for accessible, tabletop plugin points for Laptop computers, projectors and other tools for sharing information. Since then Nienkämper's ever-expanding Vox® Collection has remained in the vanguard of design for the rooms in which people meet.

Vox® Conference tables are available in 17 different shapes, ranging in size from 72”L x 36”D to469”L x144”D.With Vox®, you can specify the table bases that best suit your needs —cable-concealing Duo, Tri, Quad, T–leg, Access, Tower, LCS or Drum base; slim, graceful Taper bases.

Tables are available in a variety of veneers and stains, plastic laminates, both engineered and natural stones as well as interlayer glass finishes. There are also eight edge details and nine base options to choose from.

Ask your local Nienkämper representative for the Vox® Corporate Room Planning Guide for full details on this comprehensive Collection of conference tables.

Vox® Planning Guide

The Vox® Corporate Room Planning Guide provides the complete range of integrated furniture products which are planned, designed and manufactured to meet the needs of business where people meet. It contains a full planning menu from design of product to meeting space layout. Also, there is the full range of pricing information for the Vox® Collection of furniture which includes furniture from large conference to small meeting room tables and credenzas to seating and accessories.

Downloadable Resources
Vox® Forum Configurator

Vox® Forum allows tabletop connectivity for voice/data/power and maximum flexibility.

Vox® Forum T-series provide compact 2-power and 2-data connections. With removable cables, changing length is simple and storage is a snap.

Vox® Forum S-series offer a capacity greater than T-series. Choose between economical standard configurations and customized versions designed to meet your organization's specific needs.

With maximum capacity, Vox® Forum M-series are available in a wide range of standard and built-to-order configurations. Options include large-capacity faceplates in power-data or video zones. Easily specified online, M-series can also be easily reconfigured after delivery.

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National Post Design Exchange Gold Award
Design Journal ADEX Awad for Design Excellence
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