Vox® Conference - Folding Legs

The Vox® family of tables has a new member. Offering a solution for meeting, conference and training rooms where flexibility and space saving is required is the Vox® Folding table. The Vox® Folding mobile table is simple to use and easy to move; its versatile and dynamic design with space saving capabilities allows for easy adaptability of space making it a clever solution for multipurpose needs. In just seconds this table is folded and ready to roll whether to its next use or set aside for storage. Vox® Folding tables are also available in a range of shapes, sizes and two base styles to create the working space required for your office needs without compromising on the quality or design aesthetic.

Where real estate is at a premium, a folding conference table should be the ideal solutions. There is no better way to optimize space than with a folding conference table. The versatile nature of these tables means that you can utilize the space you have available for a variety of functions.

Folds easily for storing and takes up little space when it is no longer needed; or when specified, can be used as a presentation marker board. Vox® Folding table was designed for mobility and multiple purposes.

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