Gateway™ All-In-One

Gateway™ All-In-One is a natural addition to the ever-expanding and versatile Gateway Collection giving enormous scope for the widest range of height-adjustable workstations and table configurations thus providing a consistent design aesthetic throughout modern workplace environments. Built around a minimalist, functional approach, with clean lines and carefully selected details, Gateway™ All-In-One is a workstation solution with storage in a contemporary exclusive design. Gateway™ All-In-One innovatively combines workspace surfaces that height adjustable with a push of a button with built-in personal storage and power that can be used for private offices or open office plans. This functional, yet flexible offering is ideal for double and face-to-face configurations, making this collection the perfect solution for teaming environments.

This new desk is adding new possibilities to the already extensive Gateway™ range. It is a sleek and modern workplace solution that can be used as an integrated storage, caddy, desktop solution for the elegant private office or an option for the open office where design and visual identity is a high priority. The vast number of finish options for both the base, the table top and the caddy makes it adaptable for any thinkable interior design concept or cooperate identity. This without compromising functionality or ergonomics.

“A really good design often is something very simple and obvious”- B+H

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