Vox® Office™

Vox® Office seamlessly integrates elements from The Vox® Collection to create a workstation that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In today's corporate offices, space is at a premium, Vox® Office takes advantage of every inch, and provides the user with the maximum amount of workspace. Its central worksurface is completely detached allowing for the user to determine the amount of work surface they require. Features such as mobile pedestals and height adjustable Project Tables, allow for easy reconfiguration of the work environment, while the integrated cabinets easily hide any unwanted clutter and eliminate the need for coat racks or additional storage.

All design options are available with Vox® Office. These options include edge details, veneer options, and base finishes,  allowing for total customization and design flexibility.

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Mark Muller
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SIDIM Gold Award
Architectural Record
IIDEX/NeoCon Gold Award
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