A Frame

The intent of the A Frame series was to design a smaller scale, conference table series that felt both inviting and intriguing. The form evolved from the desire to develop a composition of parts that expressed a certain amount of levity and lightness, while at the same time conveying warmth and softness. The design language of the surface and the architectural angles of the legs play their distinct roles in capturing that intent.

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Aaron Duke
Camber Edge - 1.25" Thick
Facet Edge - 1.25" Thick
Flow Form Edge - 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - 1" & 1.25" Thick
Self Edge - Multi Purpose - P Lam with Translucent Edges - 1.25" Thick
Taper Edge 16 deg - 1.25" Thick
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A Frame, Conference Tables, Aaron Duke
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