Tuxedo™ High Back with Tablet & Power
Tuxedo™ High Back with Tablet & Power

TUXEDO™ HIGH BACK Lounge Chair with Tablet & Power create a secluded meeting area with a strong sense of presence. Tuxedo™ High Back stands tall, featuring high back and sides, and ultra comfortable seating that offers instant privacy within an open space. 

Ideal for educational settings and lounges alike, the Tuxedo™ High Back chair offers an optional arm side cushions and tablet arm, with power and stacked USB charger to provide support for any of today’s mobile devices. The Tuxedo™ High Back versions offer privacy and focused space. 

The high upholstered panels of these classically tailored chairs provide sound absorbing qualities and a unique sense of personal space. Used alone, the Tuxedo™ High Back functions as a space divider and acoustic element. In a group setting they can be arranged in rows or back to back to create semi-private meeting spaces within an open environment. Imagine, a room within a room. Ideal for commercial applications, lobbies, lounge areas and libraries. Tuxedo™ High Back can define your space and create quiet meeting areas within any space. Tuxedo™ High Back is a quiet solution for any open environment.

Design: Nienkamper