Zoo Desk
Zoo Desk

Nienkämper continues to expand its range of innovative library furniture with the introduction of Zoo. A colorful collection of fun-shaped children tables and stools that is scaled to fit the littlest reader. Ideal for libraries, classrooms or public spaces, Zoo will capture the imagination of any kid at heart. Crafted from sturdy, interlocking plywood forms with laminate in bold primary colors, Zoo desks bring bison, elephants, reindeer, and even giant pieces of Swiss cheese into the realm of kids furniture. Stackable Zoo stools add seals, cats and other creatures to the menagerie, along with the ultra-Canadian option of a maple leaf cutout design in vivid red. Construction is FSC plywood core and laminate.

Design: Mouna & Silvio Russo


2010    IIDEX/NeoCon Bronze Award

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