Nienkämper History
Company History
1968 Klaus and Beatrix Nienkämper purchased 300 King Steet East with Don Wallace and restored the 1845 building to house the first showroom.
1970 Peter and Robert Haussmann provided the first Swiss Design pieces to be manufactured under license in Canada.
1973 Klaus sponsors the Ultra Mobile collection to be exhibited at the ROM and at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
1974 Knoll appoints Nienkämper to be their licensed manufacturer for the Canadian market until 1987.
1976 The Canadian Government with Arthur Erickson commissions Nienkämper to build the furniture for Prime Minister Trudeau’s office.
1982 Thomas Lamb is appointed as Nienkämper’s design director and principal designer.
1985 Mark Müller Joins the company and later becomes design director and principal designer.
1986 Nienkämper furnishes the Commissioner General’s suite at Expo 86. Klaus and Beatrix attend the official functions with the Prince and Princess of Wales at the invitation of the Prime Minister.
1989 The Canadian Government with Arthur Erickson commissions Nienkämper to build the furniture for the Embassy in Washington.
1992 George Yabu and Glen Pushelberg design the Carlisle Chair and Sofa series with the Virso tables.
1994 Nienkämper expands its marketing and sales operation in the U.S. by joining the ICF Group.
1995 Mark Saffell and David Ritch designed the first lounge chairs for Nienkämper in 1995, which were extensively used in the Air Canada Lounges. The most recent addition is the AYA™ executive swivel tilter chair with a revolutionary new mechanism.
1998 The Design Exchange holds a 30 year retrospective exhibition attended by Canada’s major architects.
1999 The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design holds Nienkämper 30 year retrospective.
2000 Nienkämper receives the Federal Government’s National Export Award from Prime Minister Jean Chretien.
2003 Klaus receives the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Skills for Change.
2005 Klaus joins the fund raising board at the Ontario College of Art and provides furniture.
Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliff design the award winning HAB chair.
2006 Karim Rashid adds the Kloud Collection to his other award winning designs for Nienkämper.
2007 Daniel Libeskind collaborates with Nienkämper to design the Spirit House Chair for the addition of the ROM.
2009 Nienkamper receives the 2009 Best Managed Company Award.
Nienkamper is awarded contract with KAUST – the largest LEED® Platinum project in the world.
2010 Nienkämper receives the 2010 Best Managed Company Award.
2013 Nienkämper won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Metronome™.
Nienkämper was named one of Canada's Best Managed Companies four years in a row.
2014 Nienkämper was named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies five years in a row.
2015 Nienkämper was awarded the Platinum member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.