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Gateway™ Media Lift Table

The Gateway™ collection continues to grow with the addition of the Gateway™ MEDIA LIFT TABLE. Gateway™ Media Lift effortlessly transforms meeting tables to create innovative multimedia solutions for communication, presentations and interactive work spaces. At the touch of the remote control, the unit raises the monitor screen up from the base cabinet. The ultimate in professional appearance, Gateway™ Media Lift combines sophistication and function to create additional space, protect your TV from damage or to hide it away from sight.


• Media Lift Tables feature an integrated vista, rectangle with rounded corner and D End top with a single Gateway™ Table lengths are available: 60”, 72”, 84” and 96” with table width 54” and 60” and height 29”.

• The depth of the Media cabinet is just 12” so it provides enough seating space for two persons at the table length.

• Media Lift Tables can house a maximum TV size of 43”.

• Tables can be specified with a variety of power / data/ video/ audio solutions for singular and group requirement like our Gateway™ Media Wall Tables.


• Tops and Media lift cabinet are available in all Nienkämper veneers, standard post forming grade plastic laminate or finger print resistance plastic laminate.

• Bases are standard with a mirror polished finish. Anodized finish in 5 standard colours (clear, champagne, light bronze, bronze and black) are available.

• 2” Taper edge is our standard for Media Lift Table but self edge is also available.


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Gateway Media Lift Table

Nienkämper Seating & Tables 2020
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Gateway Media Lift Table
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First dust with a clean, Dry soft cloth to remove any foreign particles and dust present on the surface. Next a slightly damp cloth should be used to clean the surface, followed by a dry soft cloth to remove the excess moisture. At no time should any abrasives ever be used in an effort to remove dirt etc., nor should any moisture be allowed to stand on wood surfaces. Furniture polishes are not recommended. In addition to the above, consideration should be given to the humidity levels in your home and office environment where fine wood products are found. Keeping humidity at an even level as much as possible throughout the year will greatly extend the life of the natural wood products.

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Gateway Media Lift

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