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Nienkämper NOW®

Today’s boardrooms, meeting rooms and private offices need affordable and contemporary conference seating.

The Nienkämper NOW® chair is designed to give the user an unusual level of comfort and ergonomics with a minimal amount of mechanical features. The tightly tailored upholstery components speak to the historical connection to fine upholstery that Nienkämper has been renowned for. The contrast between fine leathers and highly polished aluminum make this design particularly compatible with existing conference table collections. The Nienkämper NOW® Chair embodies contemporary aesthetics that comfortably work in any professional business environment.

The Nienkämper NOW® chair is based on the latest in research and design for ergonomic seating. No adhesives are used in the construction. All materials in the construction can be easily separated for rework, recovery or recycling. Smart options like height and back adjustments, a choice of base, caster, adjustable base mechanisms and upholstery materials give this product a wide range of potential uses in any corporate environment. The Nienkämper NOW® chair has many options for learning centers and fixed seating.

Standard Features:

• Five-star base with return prevention safety function
• Syncro Action
• Pneumatic height adjustment
• Back tilt locking mechanism
• Tension control
• Fixed height arms with polished aluminum arm supports and soft black textured rubber arm pads.
• Base/Caster selected by model number
Large (75mm), un-hooded, black twin wheel caster. 26" diameter black nylon five star base
Large (75mm), un-hooded, black twin wheel caster with chrome centre strip. 26” diameter polished aluminum five star base

Jury Base:
• Tilt mechanism action with shock resistance and memory return, height and forward position
• One lever adjusts gas height, free position, and 4 position lock-out tension adjust knob.
• Black base attached to floor on site (by others).


  • 2007
  • IIDEX/NeoCon Bronze Award
  • 2006
  • Editors Choice
  • 2006
  • IIDEX/NeoCon Silver Award


Jenner & Block Chicago Office
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Nienkämper NOW® Chair Up H Back Armless
Nienkämper NOW® Chair Up H Back with Fixed Arms
Nienkämper NOW® Chair Up H Back Multi Arm
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Nienkamper NOW

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Nienkämper NOW® Chair Expanded Collection
Nienkämper NOW® Chair Cut Sheet 1
Nienkämper NOW® Chair Cut Sheet 2
Nienkämper NOW® Chair Cut Sheet 3
There is no Revit model available for this product.
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Nienkamper NOW, fully upholstered
Nienkamper NOW, mesh back
Nienkamper NOW, mesh back, knitted seat

When cleaning Nienkämper leathers, use a soft clean damp cloth and a mild solution of non detergent soap, such as Ivory or Palmolive, to wash the item. The cloth must be damp, not dripping wet. Dry with a clean soft cloth, blotting any excess moisture away. Leave to dry naturally, do not use heat to dry the surface. A thorough cleaning with a fine leather milk product is recommended on an annual basis to add natural oils to the leather to keep it soft and supple.

In time all leather takes on a patina and spills generally blend into the leather giving a piece of furniture a personal character. Whenever a more serious accident occurs, please contact a leather care specialist.

Nienkämper is universally known for its exquisite craftsmanship in leather furniture. Nienkämper leather on Nienkämper furniture offers you and your clients the highest quality of materials as well as favorable pricing. Verde and Cremoso leather is available as COL sold to the nearest half hide. Grano leather is available for Nienkämper furniture only.

The Verde Collection:

Available in 8 colors this collection provides a varied selection of neutrals, browns, reds and blues. It is organically tanned using a chrome-free process with a water-based semi-aniline finish. These improved techniques result in a more natural character, combined with a softer touch and brighter colors that are consistent from batch to batch.

Raw Material: European Cow Hide

Thickness: 1.3-1.5 mm

Type: Semi-aniline dyed.

Average Hide Size: 55 sq.ft.

The Cremoso Collection:

The perfect balance between strength and softness. Semi-aniline Cremoso has exceptional natural beauty and pliancy. An easy-to-clean finish makes this leather appropriate for seating in reception areas, meeting rooms and managerial offices.

Raw Material: European Cow Hide

Thickness: 1.3-1.5 mm

Type: Semi-aniline dyed.

Average Hide Size: 55 sq.ft.

The Grano Collection:

Grano has all the distinctive features of the natural hide. Grano breathes, feels supple to the touch whilst maintaining its durability over time. Grano is the perfect choice for executive suites, private reception areas, conference rooms and residences.

Raw Material: European Cow Hide

Thickness: 1.2-1.4 mm

Type: Semi-aniline dyed.

Average Hide Size: 55 sq.ft.

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